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KissMes, what is the most important thing we need to wish for our boys? →


Awards? No.

1st place at randoms music programs? No.

The revelation of their true sexuality? No.

All those things above are important (well… not the last one, though), but for the new KissMes and the old ones… Please, please, just love the boys for who they are and wish only happiness for…

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South Korea ferry disaster, in focus

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My heart goes out to all the friend and families affected by this tragedy. May you all find peace soon.


My heart goes out to all the friend and families affected by this tragedy. May you all find peace soon.

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#PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA I’m so moved by the news and I wanna express all my support for the families of the victims that are still waiting for some good news I hope that some miracle would happen they’ll find all the one who are missing I’ll pray for them 🙏 I hope god is watching over them wherever they are

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     There is national shock at the incident that may have claimed the lives of hundreds of South Korean schoolchildren was mixed with fury today, as more passengers gave eyewitness accounts of what happened on board before the vessel began to sink.      
     Survivors highlighted the fact that passengers were repeatedly told to stay in their seats or cabins when the ferry first ran into trouble on Wednesday morning.
     Those who obeyed found their possible escape route severely compromised after the vessel suddenly listed sharply to the port side, triggering total panic.

“The ship was going underwater and there was nothing for them to hold on to with their hands. We couldn’t crawl up the floor, because it was wet and at such a sharp angle,”                             — Kim Sung Mook, survivor

     Using a fire hose he managed to pull a few to safety, “but there were so many of them … I couldn’t help them all.” One student who was rescued said most passengers had remained in their seat for “30 to 40 minutes” after the ferry first foundered, in line with instructions they received from crew members and over the internal tannoy system.

“The message was repeated again and again: ‘Stay put. Don’t move’,”                                                                   — Huh Young-Ki, survivor  

     It’s been reported that when the accident occurred, the on board announcement to the passengers was to stay where they were without giving any specific directions.     
     The same announcement was known to have been heard repeatedly for one hour before they finally told all the passengers to jump into the sea with their life vests on, as the ferry was going to sink. 
     Many say the delayed warning to get off the ferry worsened the tragedy as many passengers heeded instructions and stayed in their rooms, and were later unable to escape as the vessel went down.

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