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[more Photos] G-Dragon HITE Event at Water World July 4th 2014.


#8BBGER8 #BIGBANG #빅뱅 #GD #Gdragon #지용

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finally someone make gif for this part:)
ToDae=2 kid lol 

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I invented something/Masterlist →


I created something called boyfriend tag. There I’m going to upload editions that I make about what would you do with your boyfriend. Check it clicking the link down or getting into our tags.

You can totally request one of these, but it would take a little more time than an ask or an scenario.


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Kyungil goes from this 

to this 

and that’s why I have trust issues

Why would he do tht to us ?? Ughh I hate him for torturing our little souls T_T

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So i kinda did a thing……

History - Psycho (Kyungil Ver.)

Omg u killed me

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someone plz stop song kyungil

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